Perez, Vicente Class: Sophomore   Team: Chabot   
Men's Track & Field Summary:
Year Season Class Shot Put Discus Throw Hammer Throw Javelin
2019 Outdoor SO 9.43m 28.77m 30.64m 22.46m
2017 Outdoor FR 9.03m 27.04m 29.10m 21.22m
All Results
Date Meet Event Prelim/Final Time/Mark
04/24/19 Coast Conference Championships Shot Put F 9.15m
04/24/19 Coast Conference Championships Discus Throw F 28.77m
04/24/19 Coast Conference Championships Hammer Throw F 30.64m
04/12/19 East Bay Invite Discus Throw F 26.19m
04/12/19 East Bay Invite Shot Put F 9.43m
04/12/19 East Bay Invite Hammer Throw F 28.56m
03/28/19 Mike Fanelli Track Classic Discus Throw F 26.55m
03/23/19 Bob Rush Invitational Discus Throw F 26.92m
03/23/19 Bob Rush Invitational Hammer Throw F 28.38m
02/23/19 De Anza Open Shot Put F 9.38m
02/23/19 De Anza Open Discus Throw F 24.56m
02/23/19 De Anza Open Hammer Throw F 29.42m
02/16/19 2019 MPC Open Discus Throw F 25.01m
02/16/19 2019 MPC Open Javelin F 22.46m
02/16/19 2019 MPC Open Shot Put F 9.38m
02/16/19 2019 MPC Open Hammer Throw F 24.74m
03/31/17 Chabot Invitational Javelin F 21.22m
03/31/17 Chabot Invitational Discus Throw F 21.98m
03/31/17 Chabot Invitational Shot Put F 8.90m
03/31/17 Chabot Invitational Hammer Throw F 29.10m
03/24/17 Ed Adams Invitational Discus Throw F 27.04m
03/24/17 Ed Adams Invitational Hammer Throw F 27.60m
03/24/17 Ed Adams Invitational Shot Put F 9.03m
03/10/17 De Anza Invitational Discus Throw F 22.69m
03/10/17 De Anza Invitational Javelin F 21.21m
03/10/17 De Anza Invitational Hammer Throw F 25.82m
03/10/17 De Anza Invitational Shot Put F 8.35m
03/04/17 2017 American River Beaver Relays and Invitational Shot Put F 8.47m
03/04/17 2017 American River Beaver Relays and Invitational Discus Throw F 25.76m
02/25/17 Johnny Mathis Invitational Hammer Throw F 23.45m
02/25/17 Johnny Mathis Invitational Discus Throw F 25.68m
02/25/17 Johnny Mathis Invitational Shot Put F 8.26m
02/18/17 2017 MPC Open Discus Throw F 24.17m
02/18/17 2017 MPC Open Shot Put F 8.56m